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Welcome to Minna’s Corner

Welcome to Minna’s Corner

Minna’s Corner, is a place where you can come for real equestrian tips, advice, and more from me, Minna! Being a horse owner is my favorite thing in the world, but it’s not always easy, and having others in the community to lean on has always helped me further my knowledge.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro, new to the community, or anywhere in between, join in on the conversation- at Minna’s Corner!

Q: Did you know you can easily prevent fungus and hair loss on your horse’s face?

A: These issues have always been an issue for me, and many other equestrians. I can honestly say that Equi-Clean grooming wipes have been a total game changer for my horse Lulu and me. I use them daily on her face (and body) to prevent hair loss from fungus and sweat. They are perfect for around sensitive areas on the face, like her eyes, and are really effective anywhere on the body for a quick touch-up to prevent dirt and grime from setting in.

What really makes Equi-Clean so helpful are its natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients. Our herbal blend and the infusion of aloe ensures your horse will get an effective cleaning without the risk of irritation. Plus, it smells amazing!

f your horse is currently dealing with facial hair loss because of that consistent sweat and fungus buildup, a tip that I give all my friends is to add a little bit of witch hazel to your Equi-Clean grooming wipe before wiping down your horse’s face. But, make sure to be careful around their eyes so the witch hazel doesn’t irritate them.

Now use code EQUI20 for 20% OFF on your order of wipes.