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Thank you to Equi-Clean for the amazing wipes that keep our horses show ring ready all the time! They are perfect for the winter too because they don’t require water so we can keep the horse dry and warm. They are the best!

Robyn Fisher December 17, 2019

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We love the Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes at the shows because we are always in a hurry, we have multiple horses there and we cannot take as much time with each one. Of course, we want them to look their best so is easy to put in our grooming bag, grab it, wipe the horse and we know will be a quick wipe and go.

King Santacruz & Natalie Regel October 30, 2019

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I adore Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes! I can't say enough great things about them. They are so convenient and they do their job. I love them during horse shows when I am heading to the arena for last minute polishing and don't feel like hauling a full groom bag around. I just take a few of the wipes with me instead. It's such a relief to have them around with their multiple uses. I love using the wipes intermittently during my horse massage sessions, especially after working my hands deep into the horse's coat where sometimes debris is brought up. There are so many other situations working with horses where these wipes are super handy and effective, but the most important thing is that they WORK. They clean off the coat and offer a nice sleek feel. One thing I have noticed when I use these wipes, the horses get an instant expression as if they were thinking 'aaahhhh'. I love anything that improves the lives of horses and highly recommend everyone to try Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes!

Bonnie Kiefer October 24, 2019

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My friend that has horses told me that she uses Equi-Clean wipes on her dogs too. I tried it on my dog and he’s never been so clean! His dry skin and itchiness is going away.

Nirmal October 15, 2019

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These wipes have saved me from washing a ton of towels. I found them online and thought they would be great for my dog, and they really are! They are large enough to cover his entire body, and they've really saved the both of us a lot of time (and stress). I've also been able to wipe down his harness and leash pretty easily. For sure will purchase again.

Alexandria October 14, 2019

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These wipes are far and beyond the competition. These wipes are large enough to use on my horse without having to use the entire package. Really cuts down on time. They are going to be amazingly useful for the winter, when it too cold to get my horse wet. My horse has sensitive skin and these have been great to use on him. Really could not recommend these wipes enough.

Andrew October 2, 2019

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Equi-Clean disposable wipes are something new to me and I was happy to receive a sample and try them out. I also gave several to professional groom Alexis (Lexi) Bradbury. Lexi grooms for my coach Canadian Olympian Belinda Trussell. She has five to seven horses a day to groom. Both of us loved the Equi- Clean wipes and here is why:

SIZE Horses are large animals and these wipes are the right size for the job.

THEY WORK! The Equi-Clean wipe found lots of dust to remove and the darker bits were where I had wiped inside his nostrils.

These wipes are USEF Therapeutic Substance Rule Compliant.

CLEANS TACK AS WELL I also cleaned my double bridle , girth and tall boots with the wipes. It did an excellent job quickly.

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Anne Leueen September 24, 2019

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I didn’t think I could possibly love the horse grooming wipes this much. No need to wash my horse's legs, or pull out a leather soap and water every time I want to clean off the tack.

August 5, 2019

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I was able to clean my horses legs and face, my saddle and bridle, bit, boots and my riding boots. The Equi-Clean disposable grooming wipes definitely save time and make your life easier.

February 4, 2019

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The wipe is large enough to wipe all four legs with, and it actually got his legs all clean and ready for boots!

January 12, 2019