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Can I use wipes on my tack?

Yes, give your tack a quick wipe down to remove dirt and sweat. Wipe the mud of your boots.  Clean the gooey, slimy stuff off the bit.

Can I use in place of a bath?

These are ideal for a quick wipe down when you can’t bath especially good to use in the colder weather months when you don’t want to give a full bath.

Can I use before showing?

A quick way to wipe your horse down before entering the show ring to bring out your horses natural shine, remove dirt, dust and sweat from your warm up.

Can I use the wipes on the face?

Yes, wipe around the eyes, ears and nostrils to remove dirt.  To prevent and get rid of fungus on the face, spray the wipe with a little witch hazel before you use it.  Always avoid contact with the eyes.

Can I use these on the sheath?

Use on your horse to clean his sheath as great throw away option.  The size and thickness of the wipe is perfect for sheath cleaning.

Can I use the wipes on my other animals?

Yes – these are great on dogs and cats for a quick freshen up in between baths.  To limit the amount of mud tracked into the car and house,  always keep these on hand to wipe the paws and body.

Can I use these on myself?

We have lots of people that do use these on themselves.  Use them to freshen up after your ride.  Put the wipes in the refrigerator and use as a cooling towel on a hot day.

How to stop face fungus on your horse?

To stop fungus on your horses face – clean your horse face before riding with a wipe, then rub a little coconut oil on your horses face before you ride.  After you ride spray a wipe with a little bit of witch hazel and wipe the horses face and around the eyes.

What can I use the wipes on?

There are endless uses for our wipes.

Here are some of the uses our customers have used the wipes for:

  • Remove sweat and dirt before competition
  • Prevent Fungus on the face and legs by spraying wipe with Witch hazel before using
  • Place package in the refrigerator to use as a cooling towel for horse and rider
  • Sheath cleaning
  • Cleaning tack and boots
  • A freshening up towel after your ride or work out
  • A quick “towel” shower wen camping
  • Use on dogs in between bath time to remove dirt and smell
  • Dust rag
  • Mane tamer
What’s your favorite use for Equi-clean wipes? I am sure we have missed some.