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About the Product

About the Product

For your horse, cleanliness was always next to … impossible. Until now. Equi-Clean disposable grooming wipes are fast, convenient, and highly effective for everyday grooming and so much more:

  • Face Wipe – prevents fungus on your horse’s face
  • Bath Alternative – on cold days when bathing is not possible
  • Showing Perfection – wipes away dust and sweat for a shinier coat
  • Cooling Factor – put in the refrigerator for cooling down your horse or yourself
  • Tack Cleaner – one wipe removes millions of dirt particles, sweat stains, and other debris from your bridle, saddle, bit, and boots
  • Sheath Cleaner – able to clean hard to reach places

Equi-Clean disposable wipes are also designed to keep the paws and coats of your canine companions clean, and you can even use them to freshen yourself up after a long ride.

Featured Review

Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes are loved by all and we couldn’t be happier to see all the positive testimonials and reviews.

Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes were recently featured on and received excellent reviews.

Christa LOVED the wipes! Check out the in depth review.

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