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A note from our founder
I am so excited to share Equi-Clean grooming wipes with you.

I have a very demanding job and I have always struggled to balance the limited time I have with my horse between grooming and riding. Lusiana, my horse, likes to roll in the dirt every day so when I arrived at the barn, I was spending more time grooming than riding.

Inspired to find a solution that would decrease my grooming time, as a result, I created Equi-Clean grooming wipes.   They cut my grooming time and over all cleaning time in half!

There are so many uses for Equi-Clean grooming wipes.  I use them on my horse’s face, body and legs to remove dirt and prevent fungus.  They are perfect as a leather cleaner for the saddle, bridle and boots.  I always keep a package in the refrigerator to use on those really hot days as a cooling towel for myself, my dog and my horse.

They save me time and money because I don’t have to buy multiple products for all my cleaning needs.  Now I have more time to spend with my horse riding rather than cleaning.

These giant, pre-moistened grooming wipes are made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme extracts.  Not only do they remove dirt but they help bring out the horse’s shine. They smell great too!

I hope you enjoy the Equi-Clean grooming wipes as much as I do!



I was recently featured in the Sun Sentinel.  Take a look at it here.
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Equi-Clean grooming wipes are loved by all and we are so happy to see all the positive testimonials and reviews.

Equi-Clean grooming wipes were recently featured on and received excellent reviews.

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