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We love our horses and want the best for them. That is why we developed Equi-Clean grooming wipes to ensure our horses feel as clean and fresh as possible.

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We love our horses and want the best for them. Just like us, they feel their best when they look their best.

Equi-Clean grooming wipes were inspired by and formulated specifically for horses. The wipes are fast and easy to use with no need for additional rinsing – formulated with herbs in each application.

Your horse will look better and even smell better – and you’ll both enjoy the extra time you’ll have together doing what you love – RIDING!

Made with great smelling herbs –

Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Thyme

  • FAST & CONVENIENT for everyday us
  • IDEAL before show competition for ADDED SHINE
  • GENTLE enough for sensitive skin

So. Totally. Worth it.

The wipe is large enough to wipe all four legs with, and it actually got his legs all clean and ready for boots!

I will never live without these wipes again!

I didn’t think I could possibly love the horse grooming wipes this much. No need to wash my horses legs, or pull out a leather soap and water every time I want to clean off the tack.

SO many benefits!

I was able to clean my horses legs and face, my saddle and bridle, bit, boots and my riding boots. The Equi-Clean disposable grooming wipes definitely save time and make your life easier.

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